MOON SHADOW

                             BY AUTHOR SUZANNE LEIST

I live in the shadow of the moon.
I have grown and sprouted much too soon.  
I will try with all my might  
To live in the bright sunlight.
I close my eyes but yet I’m still here.  
Sitting on a branch next to a pear.  
My petals are white as snow  
Because of this fact I know.
I will never be awake at day  
No matter how hard I wish and pray.  
For I live in the shadow of the moon  
And I’m slated to sing the nightly tune.

Suzanne Leist


                                                                     Book 1 in Series

As a popular tourist destination, Oasis, Florida, offers white-sanded beaches, a hotel for the rich and famous, and quaint stores along a picturesque Main Street. Linda Bennett moves from New York and opens a bookstore, hoping for sunshine and possibly, some romance. Instead, she finds herself living among residents who harbor dark secrets. The forest behind town wakes up at night with parties and strange guests. A dead body washes ashore. Drained of blood. Sheriff Sam and his deputy search through the sand for clues, then this incident is covered up like all the past deaths and disappearances.
An invitation arrives for  Linda and her friends to attend a party at End House, a mansion with its own tainted history. Deserted for years, the house stands alone at the edge of the woods, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Curiosity entices them to go, despite their collective fears. A dark house waits for them. Creatures pursue them. Traps attempt to ensnare them. They manage to escape, leaving two of their own behind.
It is up to the young residents to uncover the one controlling their town, the one playing a deadly game with their lives. Linda and her best friend, Shana Logan, fear that Sheriff Sam and investment banker, Todd Morrison, are working with the original residents to hide Oasis' murky past. 
Will Linda lose her heart to Todd? Will Shana fall for Sam? Will a second book be needed?

THE DEAD GAME has begun.